Kazax's Vision

Kazax management believes that the mining industry delivers value for society by providing products, such as iron ore, that are integral to increasing people's quality of life. The company aspires to build healthy relationships with its employees, clients, suppliers and local authorities and to contribute to the wellbeing of the communities where it operates. Management is committed to the enduring values of integrity, trust and respect, and intends to show accountability, innovation and flexibility in its business relationships. Kazax's vision is to responsibly deliver iron ore products that provide maximum value to society while minimizing its impacts on the environment. Kazax commits to creating a safe workplace that provides a dynamic and challenging environment to its employees and which realizes their potential and talent.  

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Room 630, 6th Floor,
Arman Business Center
6 Saryarka Avenue
Astana, Kazakhstan, 010000
Tel: +011 7 717 279 03 95